Watch: Violence erupts after Arizona man shows up to GOP mixer in a Black Lives Matter shirt and refuses to leave

A man who showed up to an Arizona GOP candidate mixer Saturday wearing a “Jail Trump” hat and a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt ended up getting knocked to the ground by a U.S. Senate candidate, and tossed outside on the sidewalk until deputies arrived, the Green Valley News reports.

Peter Jackson, 73, said he decided to make an appearance when he heard that more than 20 GOP candidates had signed up for a meet-and-greet kegger at Continental Shopping Plaza, an event that was sponsored by United Republicans of Green Valley. According to Jackson, Green Valley Republicans are dragging the country back to "1930s Germany."

“I went in hoping to be allowed to witness the event and listen to the candidates and possibly share the video I was obviously taking,” he said. “Post-event, I would like people to see that they’re not rational people. They’re really violent people. They’re people Americans should be concerned about.”

“I didn’t want to get into a hassle,” he said. “If I am approached with reason, I would listen. But they were just telling me to get out.”

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In video of the incident that was taken by Jackson's GoPro camera, a woman confronts him and appears to strike him. A scuffle then ensues, and U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters appears to lunge at Jackson, put his hands on him and push him backward.

After falling to the ground, Jackson was swarmed by around five people and thrown outside. Jackson was later charged with trespassing and simple assault.

"A left-wing activist came to a Republican event, started harassing people, and then hit a woman," Masters said in a statement to Green Valley News. "I intervened and put an end to that. He was subsequently detained by the police and cited for assault. Let me be clear: if you come to an event I'm at and attack a woman, it's going to be a bad day for you."

Watch the video below or at this link.

Confrontation at Green Valley (Ariz.) GOP event, 6/4/22