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On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," conservative lawyer George Conway, the husband of one of former President Donald Trump's senior advisers and a harsh critic of his administration, outlined the significance of retired federal Judge Michael Luttig testifying against Trump's plot to overthrow the election in the January 6 hearings — and indeed having been the voice who persuaded then-Vice President Mike Pence to reject the plan in the first place.

"I find myself watching Bill Barr, and some of these people and almost giving myself eyestrain from how hard I'm rolling my eyes," said anchor Chris Hayes. "And now they tell us, Luttig is in a different category, he was called upon to do this. What do you anticipate we'll hear from him?"

"Well, I agree with you, Chris, I really want to hear this testimony," said Conway. "I think it's gonna be a blockbuster moment in these hearings. And the reason is that Mike Luttig was a conservative judicial icon, he was leading the people in the Supreme Court, he was the judge that really all young conservative lawyers really looked up to. Most of his law clerks went on to clerk for the Supreme Court as you mention ... clerk for Justice Scalia, and Justice Thomas."

"If you took a poll — he was on the shortlist, in the mid-2000s to the Supreme Court under the second George Bush administration," said Conway. "Frankly, I know some people watching this will turn off the TV — I've been a member of the Federalist Society for 37 years. And if you polled members of the Federalist Society in 2005, about who they prefer on the Supreme Court, it was Mike Luttig."

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This, argued Conway, makes it clear the urgency of legal voices on the right who also believed that Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election were illegal — and dangerous.

"I think Luttig has very strong feelings," said Conway. "I've heard him express them privately, I've seen it publicly in The New York Times. And I heard it on podcasts, he feels so strongly, that what happened on January 6 was an attempted coup. We came very close to losing democracy, and the rule of law. Not only that, he feels that we are still at risk for 2024."

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George Conway explains Michael Luttig's conservative credentials