Fox News host: Today's Republicans have already 'dismantled' Bob Dole's bipartisan legacy
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Arthel Neville lamented on Sunday that Republican Sen. Bob Dole's legacy has been "dismantled" by lawmakers who do not believe in bipartisanship.

Neville made the remarks during a conversation with Fox News host Bret Baier about the death of Dole, who was 98 years old.

"Sen. Dole's endless drive was for bipartisan politics," Neville explained. "So with the passing of this Republican giant, this American hero, do you think Sen. Dole's legacy could impact politics of today somehow?"

"I mean, it's hopeful to think that way," Baier said. "I think we're in a different spot. We could use a few more Bob Doles in how they operated. We haven't operated like that in a long time up on Capitol Hill."

"Is there any way, perhaps, that we can cling to the sentiment of Sen. Bob Dole?" Neville wondered.

"Of course," Baier replied. "His legacy is one that is substantial and if you look at the things that passed under Bob Dole in his decades of service in the Senate -- I mean, we're talking about big, big pieces of legislation: Social Security, voting rights, you've got major tax cuts under the Ronald Reagan era."

"You talk about all the major pieces of legislation that we are now experiencing and living in and enjoying as Americans at the prompt of Sen. Dole and to see that a lot of that being dismantled," Neville explained, "I just hope that somehow that his sentiments again can prevail."

Watch the video below from Fox News.