Bob Woodward: Trump told me something 'I've never heard' from any of the 10 presidents I've covered
President Donald Trump and Bob Woodward

Legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward told CNN on Tuesday that he came away stunned by the approach former President Donald Trump took to governing, which he said was unique among the ten American presidents he's covered during his decades-long career.

While talking with hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar about his new audio book of Trump interviews, Woodward said Trump relied on personal instinct more than any other president he's encountered, while also being completely dismissive of expert opinion that countered his ideas.

One particularly striking example of this, Woodward said, came in Trump's admiration for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

"On Kim Jong-un, the CIA says he is stupid, Trump says, 'Oh, no, he's smart,' and then Trump says... 'Only I know,'" Woodward explained. "I've never heard... any of the ten presidents I've reported on ever approaching the point. Now, maybe they thought sometimes only they knew. But to say that... that is the message, that this is all about him, on the strategy of dealing with North Korea."

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Woodward also said that Trump's narcissism was evident throughout his lengthy interviews.

"My assistant, Claire McMullen, has listened to these tapes many, many times," Woodward said. "And she found one time Trump referred to the American people, 100 times he referred to himself, what he knows."

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Bob Woodward: Trump told me something 'I've never heard' from any of the 10 presidents I've covered

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