'Like your worst nightmare': Video captures shooting of Black man who asked white motorist to slow down
(Screen shot)

A white motorist shot a Black man seven times for asking him to "slow down" in an apparent hate crime that was captured on surveillance video in Stockton, Calif., last week.

The victim, Bobby Gayle, is recovering in a hospital, while the suspect remains at large.

Gayle's brother, Marlon Gayle, told Fox Channel 40 that the suspect was driving in the wrong direction and almost hit Bobby Gayle and a co-worker.

"And so my brother said, 'Hey, slow down,'" Marlon Gayle said. "And that's when a guy got out the car and he started saying the N-word and shooting my brother. And you know, we were just like, wow. He didn't just … he was trying to kill my brother."

In an online fundraiser to help with Bobby Gayle's medical expenses, his family wrote: "They placed their hands up and begged for him to not shoot them. The perp fired without mercy and struck Bobby 7 times. Bobby was able to roll under a truck and seek some cover. His friend was able to escape unscathed and later came back to aid Bobby and contact emergency services."

Bobby Gayle, who was found lying on the ground and rushed to a hospital, left a voicemail for his brother moments after the shooting, saying "I've been shot, pray for me, I swear to God, please, in the name of Jesus, hallelujah."

"It's like your worst nightmare. You never want a call like that," Marlon Gayle told the station, adding that it's a "miracle" his brother is alive.

"My brother, he's a hardworking man and he's loved by everybody, and I'm glad that this is something that didn't take his life," Marlon Gayle said. "Our messages is love and hope and justice and truth, so we want the guy to be found. But at the same time, we're just so thankful and we're not going to let that message of hatred take away that blessing that our brother is alive and that, you know, hatred and violence, it will never win."

Marlon Gayle told ABC10 that his brother was shot in his throat, upper arm, shoulder and twice in the face.

Stockton police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Chief James Chraska described it as a "very brazen act of violence."

"He's dangerous and nobody should ever have to experience this," Chraska said of the shooter, whom he described as a white male in his 30s.

Below is raw video of the shooting captured by a surveillance camera at a nearby business, as well as the station's report.

Video Captures Stockton Shooting at Wells Fargo www.youtube.com