Lauren Boebert slammed for disrespectful attack on Vice President Kamala Harris
Zoom talk screenshot

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who seems to spend her days tweeting out glib comments instead of doing her job and representing voters in her district, was slammed on Twitter Saturday afternoon for tweeting about Vice President Kamala Harris, referring to America's first Black vice president as simply "Kamala."

Critics of the controversial lawmaker were quick to call her out with one calling Boebert's tweet "incoherent" and others wondering if the GOP lawmaker couldn't seem to bring herself to address the VP by her title or last name since she is a woman of color.

According to Boebert, "Kamala has been 'in charge' of the border over two weeks and has yet to visit. Leadership is action."

That set off her critics as you can see below: