Boogaloo Boy who built gun cache in preparation for 'violent uprisings' is on run: FBI
Anthony Crider.

A suspected Boogaloo Boy from Arizona is wanted by the FBI after the agency conducted a raid on his home looking for a cache of illegal weapons intended for "violent uprisings following the 2020 election," Rolling Stone reported.

Eric Scionti, 34, has a criminal history ranging from “unauthorized discharge of a firearm” and “possession of a forgery device” to criminal trespass and trafficking in stolen property, as well as narcotics. A warrant for his arrest was issued by Maricopa County in December for probation violations, and the FBI has been looking for him since January on the charge of “felon in possession of a firearm."

During its raid on his home, the FBI found illegal weapons in a "large safe."

"The Boogaloo Bois are an accelerationist movement. They seek to jumpstart a new Civil War, the violent chaos of which they expect will ultimately purify society. Some Boogaloo Bois are white supremacists; others are harder to peg politically, promoting a strange, utopian anarchism," Rolling Stone's report stated.

"The movement cloaks itself in irony — the name Boogaloo derives from the much meme’d 80s hip-hop sequel Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. ...Movement adherents often wield assault rifles while wearing loud Hawaiian shirts — in preparation for the 'Big Luau,' another synonym for civil war."

The FBI's search warrant references Scionti’s social media accounts, which are still active -- one of which is his Twitter account where he goes by the screen name “Kawaii Fascist.”

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