One-time Trump ally Boris Johnson in massive trouble -- even the right-wing Daily Mail has turned on him
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson © John Sibley, AFP

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who at one point was an ally of former President Donald Trump, has for weeks been engulfed by scandals related to him potentially breaking his own government's lockdown rules by throwing parties during the pandemic.

Things have grown so dire for Johnson that even the right-wing Daily Mail tabloid has now turned on him.

The lead comment article in the Wednesday edition of the Daily Mail, for instance, informs Johnson that "Britain is fizzing with anger" over his actions, and it informs him that he "must apologize and show humility" if he wants to survive as prime minister.

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The paper this week also interviewed several U.K. citizens who say they're furious with Johnson for partying while they were locked down in their homes and while their loved ones were dying of COVID-19.

"It’s unspinnable," 25-year-old Hannah Brady, whose father's death certificate was signed on the same day Johnson allegedly attended a "bring your own booze" party, told the Daily Mail. "The person who’s in charge of keeping this country safe is just chipping away at his own moral authority."

Johnson's approval ratings have plunged over the course of the scandal, as multiple polls show that his approval has fallen below 30 percent.