'Bad news seems to keep coming': Morning Joe compares Trump's legal woes to Boris Johnson's political bleeding
Donald Trump and Boris Johnson POOL/AFP / PETER NICHOLLS

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough compared British prime minister Boris Johnson's political bleeding to Donald Trump's legal woes.

Newly revealed emails suggest Johnson authorized the evacuation of cats and dogs from a British charity in Afghanistan as people were scrambling to flee the Taliban, a potential scandal that comes on the heels of investigations into parties he attended in violation of coronavirus restrictions, and the "Morning Joe" host wondered whether that was enough to bring him down.

"I wonder if what we're seeing in Britain may be coming to America soon, where a bloviating right-wing nationalist who seems to be able to get away with just about anything and defy political gravity may be finally getting his comeuppance," Scarborough said. "We see in Britain one small nick after another small nick that actually may cause Johnson to bleed out there."

"Over here," he added, "it seems every other day Donald Trump has a setback, either in New York state or the United States Supreme Court or in Georgia with the grand jury. The bad news seems to keep coming for him here, as well."

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