Boris Johnson’s former lover is spreading QAnon conspiracies about Satanism in the UK government: report
Official White House photo by Shealah Craiughead.

An American viewed as an insider in the United Kingdom is spreading QAnon-inspired conspiracy theories about Satanists in the government led by her reported former lover, according to a new report.

"On the 21st of October, Jennifer Arcuri hosted a livestream via the encrypted messaging app Telegram to talk about Satanists in the UK government," Vice News reports. "The American entrepreneur, who rose to prominence in the UK over an alleged affair with Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was mayor of London, announced that she’d had 'a few requests to do some conspiracy discussions.'"

Arcuri reportedly mentioned Johnson's third wife, Carrie, who he married in May.

“One of the journalists wrote [to] me out of the blue from nowhere, and he was like, ‘Jen, weren't you the one that told me, she was a Satanist, who sent me a picture of Carrie?’ And I said, ‘you know, I'm not going to comment on her specifically, but I encourage you to explore beyond this woman and look at how Satanism is actually, you know, surprisingly used in lots of ways in government,'" Arcuri said.

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The claims of Satanism are significant as Johnson battles a surge in coronavirus infections.

"Misinformation and extremism experts who reviewed Arcuri’s public statements for VICE World News said that she appeared to have been influenced by QAnon or QAnon-adjacent conspiracy theories. They said that Arcuri’s links to Johnson were significant as they gave her the opportunity to claim insider and intimate knowledge about the UK Prime Minister and the government," Vice reported. "Even a cursory look at Arcuri’s Twitter account shows that she regularly promotes anti-vax and Satanist conspiracy theories, along with a belief in some kind of impending reckoning in the financial sector."

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