Capitol riot defendant compares himself to Jesus — and describes wrapping his phone in foil: report
DOJ photos.

Capitol breach defendant Brandon Fellows allegedly posted a photo to Instagram from the Capitol on January 6th, showing him sitting on a police motorcycle while wearing a fake orange beard and USA jacket.

According to prosecutors, Fellows even appeared on CNN in the same costume.

"Yeah, we went in there and then I walked in and there's just a whole bunch of people lighting up some Oregon room...they were smoking a bunch of weed in there," he allegedly said.

Fellows also allegedly said of police that "some of them were on our side."

According to prosecutors, the "Oregon room" referred to the office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Fellows also allegedly posted to Facebook, "We took the Capitol and it was glorious."

But now is asking to be released from jail and comparing himself to Jesus Christ, according to a thread posted to Twitter by Politico's Josh Gerstein.

Fellows reportedly described wrapping his phone in foil.

"'I...actually wrapped it in tinfoil because the man told me to wrap it in tinfoil," Fellows reportedly said.