Christian teens pack mask-free into Branson convention center: 'We feel God in this place'

Hundreds of conservative Christians packed into a Missouri convention center for sermons, speeches and concerts.

The Branson Convention Center hosted the annual Xtreme Winter starting Tuesday, when young attendees gathered -- most without masks or practicing social distancing -- to hear a sermon from college football star Tim Tebow and a concert from Christian hip-hop performer Lecrae, reported WDAF-TV.

"I think the precautions they're taking are very good, and we try to follow that as best as we can," said attendee Grace Daniels, "but we're not fearful of COVID. We have a greater God on our side."

A Branson city ordinance requires masks in public spaces, with some exemptions for the hearing impaired or those with certain medical conditions, but attendees told the station they didn't see a need to wear face coverings.

"Like, we always take a risk when we go outside, but, I mean, we feel God in this place, and I feel like we need to be here," said attendee Bailey Hinrichs.

Others told the TV station they felt comfortable gathering with their fellow Christians.

"Especially when you have, like masks, and you're sitting with the people in your group that you're around anyway, so I think it was safe," said attendee Brylee Williams.

City officials and event organizers declined to be interviewed, and health department officials said they were unaware of the event.

Video of Branson event shows lack of social distancing, face coverings despite order

Video of Branson event shows lack of social distancing, face coverings despite order

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