CNN's Brianna Keilar drops the hammer on Caitlyn Jenner's campaign: 'She seems so far out of her depth'
Caitlyn Jenner and Brianna Keilar. (Screenshot)

Following a clip from Monday night, where Caitlyn Jenner attempted to make her case to replace California Governor Gavin Newsom, CNN "New Day" host Brianna Keilar summed up the interview by saying the reality TV star is far from qualified to handle running the country's most populous state.

In the clip, which can be seen below, Jenner admitted she didn't vote in the 2020 presidential election for Donald Trump and, in fact, didn't vote at all because none of the propositions on the ballot interested her. Asked how she would deal with the multiple problems that the state faces, she ducked the specifics and said she would surround herself with the best people -- echoing comments Trump made when he ran for president.

After rolling the clip for hosts Keilar and John Berman, CNN's Dana Bash fielded questions about her interview.

"So much to talk about: she didn't vote," Berman began. "She didn't vote in the last election, which to me is indicative of the larger thing that is a takeaway from this, which is that, as you said to me last night, this candidacy is a work in progress and that's putting it charitably."

"She obviously has come to -- she's been following politics, she said, for a long time but came to political activism or even wanting to run for elected office very late in life and she said, you know, one point in the interview that this pretty much came to pass because she was sitting in her house for about a year, many, many months during COVID, getting more frustrated, not able to go anywhere," Bash explained. "She was frankly a bit bored and she said this is something that I want to do in the last chapter of my life."

Co-host Keilar was skeptical, to say the least, and made her feelings known.

"You said she was bored" she inserted. "When I'm bored, I watch a movie. But, I guess, I mean, look, she's -- that's what she's doing -- she's running for governor. But I just have to say, listening to your interview, Dana, she seems so far out of her depth here."

"Well, you know, everybody is going to take away from this what they will," a smiling Bash conceded.

Watch below:

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