‘Don’t get brazen with me!’ Judge goes berserk after prosecutor tries to sneak evidence into Rittenhouse trial
PBS News Hour

The presiding judge unloaded on a Wisconsin prosecutor who tried to sneak in evidence against Kyle Rittenhouse that had been excluded from the trial.

Kenosha County assistant district attorney Thomas Binger was questioning the 18-year-old Rittenhouse, who'd taken the stand in his own defense, and got him to agree that it was not lawful to use deadly force to prevent the destruction of property, but Judge Bruce Schroeder angrily headed off an attempt to bring up a previous threat that may have undercut his testimony.

"You would agree that you're not allowed to use deadly force to protect property?" Binger said, and Rittenhouse agreed. "Yet you previously indicated that you wished you had your AR-15 to protect someone's property, correct?"

The judge interrupted and sent the jury out of the room, where he and Binger argued over his attempt to bring up video evidence of Rittenhouse's stated desire to shoot shoplifters, which Schroeder had previously barred from the trial.

"I'm trying to impeach the witness," Binger argued.

But Schroeder said he had improperly tried to smuggle the evidence before the jury after he had already ruled against it.

"Don't get brazen with me," he admonished the prosecutor.

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