eric shawn
(Photo: Fox screen capture)

For the first time since the Buffalo, New York shooting, the Fox network is mentioning the so-called "great replacement" theory, which was a key part of the accused gunman's manifesto.

Speaking about it on Sunday, host Eric Shawn noted that the man who lived in far south New York drove to the neighborhood in Buffalo because it was known for being heavily African American.

"Which raises my last question," Shawn continued. "The issue of white supremacist ideology, of terrorism, of him allegedly citing the manifesto of 'white replacement' theory — how concerned are you about that, those allegations and what may have been in his mind?"

Erie County New York District Attorney John Flynn said that they're very concerning and that a "terrorism charge by hate" is on the same level as a murder in the first-degree charge. Mandatory sentencing, however, brings a life-without-parole sentence in terrorism by hate charge, whereas first-degree murder doesn't automatically assign that.

Host finally mentions replacement theory after Buffelo