Buffalo schools ordered to 'hold in place' after receiving a 'credible threat' of violence
Buffalo mass shooting site (Photo by John Norbile for AFP)

It has been only a few days since a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York killed 10 people and injured others. The alleged gunman published a manifesto online that outlined the targets he was seeking and the rationale behind it. At one point, the manifesto says he was also considering shooting up an elementary school and thought of going from the grocery store to a school to continue his assault.

On Wednesday, Elmwood Village Charter School issued a "hold-in-place" order due to social media threats. It's unclear if there have been a number of false threats, but the one cited by News 4 was enough to merit the cautious procedure.

"This means classes will continue, but access to school buildings from the outside will be restricted. Staff will be monitoring school doors," the report explained.

The warning was sent to staff just after 8 a.m. and police were sent to both campuses.

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“Given this information, we are going to exercise the most extreme caution and treat this as a credible threat,” administrators explained in the warning.

The Buffalo school district has asked that police increase presence around schools after "multiple social media threats targeting retail locations, dining locations, sporting events, etc." There were other threats that named specific schools.