BUSTED: Trump adviser 'appears to have misled a Florida court' to get out of paying child support

Former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Jason Miller has persistently claimed that he lacks the money to make his court-mandated child support payments -- but new documents unearthed by The Guardian tell a different story and show he "appears to have misled" courts about his financial situation.

According to the newspaper, Miller last year was "secretly re-engaged" by Washington-based political strategy firm Teneo, which paid him $500,000 to work as a consultant via a "hastily formed LLC."

Teneo had publicly fired Miller in 2019 after he went on an obscene social media tirade against Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), but the firm wanted to covertly keep him on the payroll because he provided access to former president Donald Trump's White House.

Just days after signing the secret agreement with Teneo, Miller asked a Florida state court to "abate and modify" his child support payments because he was unemployed.

"The Florida court records show that Miller made other misleading or false statements under oath in the case of his faux firing in multiple instances," reports The Guardian. "He not only falsely portrayed himself as unemployed, but asserted under oath that he could no longer afford to travel to Florida to attend court hearings related to the case, and asked a trial in the matter be postponed until he could find work. As evidence of his supposed 'major financial setback' Miller cited newspaper articles reporting his resignation from the firm."