California man arrested after beheading woman with sword: report

On Thursday, KTLA reported that a woman in San Carlos, California was beheaded, and her alleged killer is now in police custody.

"She was killed in the area of Laurel Street and Magnolia Avenue at 11:50 a.m.," reported Aaron Tolentino. "The woman was beheaded by a man with a sword. The suspect, an adult male, was detained and has since been placed under arrest for murder, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. The woman was 25 years old, KRON4 confirmed through a source. Authorities said the woman had two juvenile children; their ages were not disclosed."

"The attack occurred in San Mateo County, which is located south of San Francisco along San Francisco Bay, and county authorities say the suspect and victim knew each other, and this incident is believed to be an isolated incident," said the report.

"After the killing, the suspect walked about two blocks away from the scene where he was later detained, according to Lt. Eamonn Allen of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office," the report continued. "Allen said he does not know where the children are at this time."

Police do not consider the matter to be a threat to any further members of the community.

This comes at the same time as reports of another shooting in Uvalde, Texas with multiple victims — the same city that became infamous earlier this year for a gruesome elementary school shooting that prompted the first new federal gun legislation in 30 years.