canadian trucker

After raising millions of dollars for the "Freedom Convoy" for Canadian truckers who are refusing to get vaccinated, the crowdfunding site has been hacked, The Washington Post reported.

GiveSendGo was “attacked by malicious actors,” the site announced on Twitter Tuesday, with donor names and emails being made public. No credit card or financial data was exposed, just the names, locations and IP addresses. A Disney cartoon image was placed on the homepage of the website.

“We are in a battle,” the company said in the statement. “We didn’t expect it to be easy. This has not caused us to be afraid. Instead, it’s made it even more evident that we can not back down.”

There has been a concern that because the website accepts donations from anywhere the protests have been fueled by foreign actors while infuriating Canadians across the country.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. captured the hack live as the names appeared on the screen.

"The company’s security team disabled the site after the intrusion, the company said in its tweet, and remained out of commission all day Monday. The site was active Tuesday," said the report.

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