Man who beat police with poles at the Capitol just wanted them to understand 'I'm for you'
Mark Ponder attacks police at Capitol (Photo: Sedition tracker/indictment documents)

A bail memo filed Sunday from charged Capitol attacker Mark Ponder explained that he was only beating police with poles because he was "trying to get the police to understand, I'm for you."

Ponder was charged last week after he was allowed to flee because police were overwhelmed, said WUSA. The criminal complaint against Ponder said that he used a metal pole to repeatedly assault officers trying to hold the line on the Capitol West Terrace.

The court documents for Ponder gave his name, date of birth and prior address to the DC Metro Police Department despite not being arrested. He then came back to the Capitol two hours after police released him, according to body cameras who captured him. He left after tear gas was deployed, the report also said.

See the screen capture of the bail memo below from New York Times legal reporter Alan Feuer: