‘Assassinate AOC’ capitol rioter to remain behind bars for trial: judge
Garret Miller (Photo: Sedition tracker)

Capitol insurrectionist Garret Miller made a court motion for pretrial release after previously being denied bail, but the motion was denied.

According to BuzzFeed reporter Zoe Tillman, Judge Carl Nichols asked about the other social media threats that Miller has been accused of making.

"It's not clear to me at all that there are defendants who have made similar statements about harm to third parties who have been released," said Judge Nichols.

Miller's lawyer agreed that it's a unique case out of the other Capitol insurrectionist cases. His argument was that the conduct on Jan. 6 wasn't as bad as what other attackers did and thus he isn't as dangerous.

However, Miller is also charged with "resisting/interfering with police and being part of a crowd that pushed against cops, but not specific acts of violence or using weapons," said Tillman.

The accused man became obsessed with finding the officer that shot Ashli Babbitt, said U.S. Attorney Beth Kelley. There's a fear that Miller could take action against the police officer who made the shot, she explained. Online, Miller threatened, "He's a prize to be taken" and "He will swing."

Miller is also the same man who threatened Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Judge Nichols ruled that Miller would remain in jail, specifically citing his behavior after Jan. 6.

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