Capitol rioter who made over 100 threatening calls to 911 dispatch will be sent for psych evaluation: report
WMUR Screenshot

On Tuesday, MLive reported that a New York Capitol rioter who styled himself as "Yankee Patriot" will be sent for a psychiatric evaluation to determine his competency to stand trial.

Jonathan Joshua Munafo is accused of punching a Capitol Police officer, stealing a riot shield, and trying to shatter a window at the Capitol using a flagpole. But he is also accused of making over 100 threatening phone calls to a 911 dispatch center in Calhoun County, Michigan a day before the riot. "B----, I'm gonna cut your throat. I'm gonna make you eat your f---ing nose. I'm gonna hurt you bad for this. It won't be today, it won't be tomorrow, it'll be f---ing soon, though, you stupid c---. Insurrection Act, I'm coming to your door first, and it's public knowledge, you stupid, stupid b----," he allegedly told a dispatcher.

According to the report, officials strongly suspect Munafo isn't competent to stand trial.

"U.S. Magistrate Judge Ray Kent, after meeting with Assistant U.S. Attorney Nils Kessler and defense attorney James Fisher, adjourned the hearing and said Munafo appears to suffer from 'serious mental illness,'" reported John Agar. "Munafo twice attempted suicide this year and suffers from borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, Kent said."

According to the report, Munafo faces ten charges in the U.S. Capitol attack, and his been indicted on Michigan on two counts of making interstate threatening communications and one count of making interstate harassing phone calls.

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