Capitol bomb suspect surrenders to police: MSNBC
Floyd Ray Roseberry surrendering to police. (Screenshot)

Floyd Ray Roseberry, the suspected bomber in the truck outside the Library of Congress and U.S. Capitol, has officially surrendered to police after a five-hour stand-off, MSNBC reported Thursday afternoon.

MSNBC's Pete Williams said that there is every indication that he was acting alone, but that police are investigating it.

Videos showed him exiting his truck, holding his hands up, kneeling on the ground and crawling toward police.

The report also said that police were in his home looking for bomb-making materials and other information that could lead them to any information about what might be in his truck, if anything. "Nothing that serious" was found at his home in North Carolina, said the Capitol Police.

While Roseberry said that he had a bomb, police couldn't see anything in the bed of his pickup. Roseberry said that it was in his tool-box and appeared to be holding something in his hand that one officer believed might be a detonator.

Capitol Police also said that Roseberry recently suffered the death of his mother as one of the reasons that may have triggered him.

See the full report below:

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