'Shut up, you are not special': Morning Joe rips GOP lawmakers whining they can't carry guns into Capitol

On Friday morning, "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough dropped the hammer on Republican lawmakers who have been attempting to carry firearms onto the floor of the House just weeks after far-right extremists stormed the Capitol at Donald Trump's urging, with the MSNBC host exclaiming, "Who the hell do they think they are?"

Reacting to a report that Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) was stopped by Capitol police after he was spotted with a gun on his hip as he tried to access the House floor to cast a vote, Scarborough noted the number of GOP lawmakers who are balking at walking through metal detectors -- a common occurrence for anyone who wants to fly.

"Really, the stupidity is just extraordinary," the MSNBC host began. "By the way, I'm speaking as somebody who has done this, somebody who made thousands and thousands of votes. I've been there and I voted. As long as Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump aren't trying to get Americans to kill Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence and commit insurrection against the United States of America."

"For this guy and for others to think they're going to be able to carry a gun onto the House floor when we have Republican members of Congress that have had fund-raising letters that show pictures of AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other Democrats while the Republican is holding an AR-15, saying I'm coming to target these women or they better watch out, or something along those lines -- who the hell would be comfortable with anybody having a gun on the house floor?" he exclaimed.

"There are Democrats who can say that they have had their life threatened or they have reason to believe that they are being targeted by somebody carrying an AR-15 and sending it around saying I'm coming to get these members of Congress," he later added. "So please, please stop your whining, start getting wanded, and go in and just vote and shut up, you're not special!"

Watch below:

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