Russian state TV debuts insurrectionist who raided Pelosi's office ahead of Biden's meeting with Putin

Russia is seeking to exploit rifts between the capitol insurrectionists and America's government ahead of the upcoming summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

"The looming summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin—set to take place in Geneva on Wednesday—has unleashed a flurry of threats from the Kremlin's propaganda machine, and a promise of staunch resistance to American demands on everything from cyber attacks to human rights abuses. It has also triggered another bizarre press strategy: The debut and glorification of an infamous Capitol rioter on Russian airwaves," The Daily Beast reported Monday.

"On Sunday, Russian state TV aired an interview with insurrectionist Richard Barnett—notoriously pictured with his feet up at Nancy Pelosi's desk on Jan. 6—and his attorney, Joseph McBride," The Beast reported. "Barnett, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, was introduced as a 'colorful' individual, the same expression Putin frequently uses to describe Trump. McBride welcomed Rossiya-1 special correspondent Valentin Bogdanov into his office and FaceTimed his client, who appeared cheerful and at ease at his Arkansas ranch, flashing a big smile and showing off his car collection."

It is key how Russian state media is describing the January 6th insurrection.

"Bogdanov introduced Barnett, who was arrested following the Capitol raid and subsequently released pending trial, as 'an American patriot' who protested against 'the stolen election.' The network showcased clips from his exploits at the Capitol, where he wielded a stun-gun, stole mail from Pelosi's office, and left a threatening note to the House Speaker," The Beast reported. "Russian state media have consistently claimed that the Capitol rioters were arrested merely for supporting Trump. Speaking at a business forum in St Petersburg on June 4th, Vladimir Putin made clear his intent to rebuff Biden's concerns about human rights in Russia by labeling prosecutions of the insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol as unjust."


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