Analysis details how DC Police pleaded for backup 17 times as Trump supporters attacked the Capitol
Capitol police in riot uniform (Photo by Julian Leshay)

A new analysis from the Washington Post revealed that over the course of 78 minutes during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, police called for backup 17 times and were ignored.

Using the audio of the police radio channels, the Post walked through how those audio pieces from the radio matched with footage on the ground as President Donald Trump's supporters made their way to the U.S. Capitol, breached the perimeter and ultimately the doors of the building.

"The examination reveals how police were hampered by an insufficient number of officers and shortages of less-lethal weapons and protective equipment and also provides a glimpse into communications breakdowns within the police response," said the report.

The video shows how "the mob on the west side eventually grew to at least 9,400 people, outnumbering officers by more than 58 to one," said the Post, and how that led to so many officers begging for help.

"In footage reviewed by The Post, [Cmdr. Robert Glover] and his team of at least 30 MPD officers, identifiable by their yellow-sleeved jackets, can be seen arriving at 1:12 p.m.," the piece explained. "Within minutes, police managed to push back the protesters and set up a new barrier. But officers quickly suffered injuries as the mob grew in size and became more violent, according to video and audio recordings."

Coordinating with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the Post estimated the growing size of the Capitol attackers and matching the videos to diagrams showing the location of the crowds surrounding officers.

See the video below and read the full tick-tock of the day from The Washington Post.