Trump rioters say a Capitol cop congratulated them for breaking in: 'It's your house now!'
Jon Cherry/Getty Images/Chicago Tribune/TNS

A man accused of taking part in last week's deadly Trump-incited riot at the United States Capitol claims that a Capitol police officer openly welcomed him into the building.

BuzzFeed News justice reporter Zoe Tillman on Friday flagged a recently filed criminal complaint against two alleged Trump rioters who both say a Capitol Police officers shook their hands and congratulated them after they broke into the building.

The two alleged rioters, identified by prosecutors as Robert L. Bauer and Edward E. Hemenway II, shared nearly identical stories about their encounter with an unidentified law enforcement official during the Capitol riots.

"Both men remembered encountering a police officer after they entered," prosecutors allege. "According to Bauer, the police officer grabbed his hand, shook it, and said, 'It's your house now.' Bauer believed that the policeman was acting out of fear. Hemenway similarly recalled the officer shaking Hemenway hand and Hemenway said, 'Sorry,' to which the officer replied, 'It's your house now, man,' and gave Hemenway a half-hug."

Although there have been rumors that the pro-Trump rioters received help from rogue Capitol police officers during their attempted insurrection, so far no charges have been filed against any officers. Two officers have been suspended and at least 10 are under investigation for their conduct during the siege, according to CNN.