Body armor manufacturers rush to distance themselves from MAGA rioters seen wearing their gear

Manufacturers of military-grade body armor are feeling pressure to distance themselves from extremist groups after several Trump supporters at the January 6th Capitol riots were seen wearing their gear.

USA Today reports that some manufacturers have come out and denounced the Capitol rioters who wore their gear to the January 6th insurrection that was aimed at blocking Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's election victory.

"Many of these people aren't serious about buying duty gear, they're doing it for show and don't represent the body armor community in any way," Nick Groat, CEO of Safe Life Defense, told USA Today.

Grunt Style CEO Glenn Silbert, meanwhile, said his company's gear was meant to be worn by "patriots" and not by people who want to bring down the United States government.

"To be clear, we will not associate with anyone who threatens our Republic or promotes violence," he said. ""We focus on pride in self, military and country; that's our audience. Like any brand, you'll have people who identify with the brand even when the brand doesn't identify with them."

Some manufacturers are doubling down on embracing far-right extremists, however.

As USA Today notes, Justin Nazaroff, manufacturer of Fenix Ammunition, has continued posting memes related to the Boogaloo militia movement while straight-up refusing to sell his products to Biden voters.

"On his website, he... asks visitors whether they voted for Biden," USA Today writes. "If they click yes, they're directed to the campaign's gun policy site and blocked from buying anything."