BUSTED: Former Navy SEAL admits to marching on the Capitol with the Proud Boys

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that a former Navy SEAL and motivational speaker has admitted to participating in the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

"Shannon Rusch, a SEAL veteran and author of 'A Warrior's Mind,' was identified and tracked by John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab and Deep State Dogs, a research collective dedicated to identifying those present at the Capitol on Jan. 6," reported Adam Rawnsley and Kelly Weill. "After The Daily Beast shared imagery of Rusch found by Scott-Railton and the research group, Rusch confirmed that he had been present on Capitol grounds on Jan. 6."

"Scott-Railton says he and researchers from Deep State Dogs combed through photographs and videos of the riot posted to social media and were able to identify Rusch marching to the Capitol alongside notable Proud Boys Joe 'Rambo' Biggs and Ethan Nordean, and making their way past police barricades at the Capitol, further onto the grounds and underneath bleachers set up for President Joe Biden's inauguration on the Capitol grounds," said the report. "The identification of Rusch would add to the growing list of military veterans who descended on the Capitol to try and stop the certification of Biden's Electoral College victory."

Military veterans and law enforcement make up a disproportionate number of those caught in the Capitol riot. Another veteran at the riot has been charged with stabbing a Capitol Police officer with a flagpole.