Rachel Maddow highlights the shocking number of violent MAGA rioters who remain at large

MAGA rioters who committed "some of the most violent" attacks on police on Jan. 6 remain at large and unidentified, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow noted Wednesday night.

"I wasn't aware there were so many people who had committed very visible, very acute, very serious attacks on law enforcement, for which there is video evidence, and the people still haven't been apprehended," Maddow said. "But the FBI has nutted up more than a dozen-and-a-half videos showing those attacks for which they don't have a suspect in custody."

Before playing several of the videos, Maddow noted that MAGA rioter Scott Fairlamb on Wednesday received the harshest sentence handed down yet — 41 months. She also highlight the Department of Justice's new 10-month progress report on its Capitol riot investigation.

According to the DOJ report, approximately 675 Jan. 6 suspects have been arrested. More than 120 have pleaded guilty, including more than 105 to misdemeanors, and 16 to felonies. Twenty-eight defendants have had their cases adjudicated and received sentences, including 11 who've been sentenced to prison.

"The FBI continues to seek the public's help in identifying more than 350 individuals believed to have committed violent acts on the Capitol grounds, including over 250 who assaulted police officers," the report states. "Additionally, the FBI currently has 18 videos of suspects wanted for violent assaults on federal officers and one video of two suspects wanted for assaults on members of the media on January 6th and is seeking the public's help to identify them."

Watch below.

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