'Unapologetic' Proud Boy MAGA rioter busted thanks to his easily identifiable knuckle tattoos: feds

Anthony Sargent wasn't one of the hundreds of MAGA rioters betrayed by friends and families through the tip line set up by the FBI to identify who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

But his knuckle tattoos did the trick.

Sargent, aka BOLO 158 on the FBI's list of suspects at the insurrection, was arrested Monday in Augustine, FL. He was identified in photos and videos that documented rioters breaking down doors at the Capitol, according to the FBI:

Sargent is seen pushing the crowd in an apparent attempt to breach the outer doors of the north entrance to the Capitol building," an FBI agent writes. "In this video, Sargent appears to be wearing a gray hoodie and a green military-style backpack. At this time, the doors to the north entrance of the Capitol building appear closed.

Sargent is next seen exiting the north entrance of the Capitol building through a cloud of white smoke. As depicted in the photo below, Sargent appears to have tattoos on the knuckles and back side of his right hand.

After the smoke dissipates, Sargent can be seen waving the crowd back toward the north entrance of the Capitol. The next open source video3 shows rioters attempting to break through the inner doors to the north entrance of the Capitol building. A tattoo on the back side of Sargent's right hand is visible as Sargent repeatedly throws an unknown object toward the inner doors of the north entrance.

Sargent was described in the report "wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a black face gaiter with a skull jawbone printed on it" and appearing "to be wearing a radio on his jean pocket." At one point during the assault on the Capitol, Sargent can be seen waving the crowd through broken Capitol doors, the FBI reported.

Sargent was further outed by his Proud Boy-themed social media accounts. Among his user names was "Sarge Slaughter." Among his descriptions was "Ancient City Proud Boy Constitutionalist Unapologetic no mask."

And, the FBI report added, "the background photo for the account is a recruitment poster in the style of an Uncle Sam U.S. Army recruitment poster that displays the text, "WE WANT YOU TO BE A PROUD BOY: We are western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world."

On one of his Twitter accounts, Sargent posted a captioned mirror selfie-style photograph in which his knuckle tattoos are visible, the report states.

Sargent is charged with engaging in physical violence, destruction of property and various acts of illegal entry and disorderly conduct. You can read the full FBI report here.