MSNBC's Morning Joe thinks Trump-loving seditionists getting off too easy: 'Not sure why they're not getting 20 years'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called for stiffer punishments for the Donald Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol with the intention of overturning his election loss.

Many of the rioters have already taken plea agreements resulting in fines and months in jail, but the "Morning Joe" host said they're getting off too easy, and he said Republicans who continue to back the twice-impeached one-term president should be banished from polite society.

"These people are lining up behind a guy who was cheering on rioters and cheering on people who actually, the people who are of constitutional conservatives, people who were doing very best committing seditions against the United States and stopping the peaceful counting of the electoral votes," Scarborough said. "If you look at conspiracy of U.S. sedition in the U.S. code, that's what they are doing. I'm not sure why all of these people going before the courts that were doing these things are not getting the full 20 years in prison."

He singled out former vice president Mike Pence, who has been excusing the rioters that had wanted to hang him during the insurrection.

"What about Mike Pence's children who were with him on Jan. 6 and whose lives were in danger and when people were chanting, 'hang Mike Pence,' and they were not sure if they can trust the guard who were with them at the time because he didn't know if they were more loyal to Donald Trump or the Constitution of the United States," Scarborough said, "and, they had to hide while his family, his wife and kids are are -- 'hang Mike Pence,' their lives were put in danger and he's saying now because he's so desperate to grab a little bit more power."

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