MAGA rioter who boasted he was 'invincible' gets arrested after being ratted out by fellow insurrectionist
Landon Mitchell, right, and Luke Wessley Bender. (Department of Justice)

A Capitol rioter who said he wasn't worried about getting caught by the FBI because he was wearing a mask throughout the insurrection has been arrested.

Landon Mitchell was identified by a former co-worker who accompanied him to the Capitol, Luke Wessley Bender.

Bender was arrested in July after a high school classmate tipped off the FBI.

"On Jan. 6, Landon Mitchell bragged to a Facebook friend that he 'breached the Capitol' and was 'one of the very first in' when a pro-Trump mob stormed the halls of Congress. He appeared in video on the floor of the U.S. Senate, went through a senator's desk and took to the dais, where he posed next to the so-called QAnon Shaman," the Huffington Post reports. "Later, when a friend feared that the FBI might arrest Mitchell, he wrote that he was 'invincible' and 'not too worried' because he 'was masked up the whole time' he was inside the Capitol."

Mitchell later bragged to another friend that he appeared in footage from the insurrection that was published by the New Yorker magazine — but he said only the back of his head was visible.

"Thank God for giving me the foresight to put my mask up," he wrote, according to a criminal complaint.

Mitchell also posted photos and videos of himself inside the Senate chamber on Facebook.

"When discussing his presence within the Capitol on January 6, Mitchell stated that 'people are fed up with how crooked the government has been and they pretty much been laughing at us thinking we wouldn't do anything about it,'" the complaint states. "He continued, "we[']re not happy. They learned that today.'"