MAGA rioter’s restaurant review helps FBI agents identify and arrest him
Thomas Patrick Hamner is shown at the Capitol on Jan. 6 (left) and in a photo he posted with an online restaurant review.

An alleged Capitol rioter was arrested Tuesday after FBI agents used a photo from a restaurant review he posted online to help identify him.

Thomas Patrick Hamner was seen on open-source video from the Capitol wearing a helmet and a sweater saying "Guns Don't Kill People, Clintons Do," according to court records.

"He was captured on video multiple times as the rioters worked to breach barricades police had put up around the Capitol before many stormed inside, according to investigators," Denver's Channel 7 reports. "Those videos show the man alleged to be Hamner fighting with Capitol and Metropolitan Police and working with others to push a large metal 'TRUMP' sign into the line of officers trying to keep the barricade on the Capitol's West Plaza in place, according to the documents."

Hamner allegedly used an image of himself at the Capitol — superimposed with former president Donald Trump — as his profile photo on the right-wing social media app Telegram. FBI agents traced the Telegram account to a phone number associated with both Hamner's wife and a tiling business he runs in Colorado Springs.

"Additionally, a person who 'has had personal contact with Hamner' confirmed to investigators that he was the man seen in the videos and in an online business review Hamner left for a restaurant, according to court records," the station reports.

"Great food, close by, glad I found them," Hamner wrote of an unidentified Colorado Springs restaurant in the review, according to court records.

A judge issued a warrant for Hamner's arrest on Nov. 1, and the complaint against him was unsealed following his apprehension on Tuesday.

Hamner is charged with civil disorder; assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers using a dangerous weapon or inflicting bodily injury; entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds; and engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds.