MAGA-rioting Oath Keeper doubles as actor in traveling production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar': FBI
James Beeks (screen shot)

A member of the Oath Keepers who reportedly performs as a Michael Jackson impersonator has been charged in the Capitol insurrection.

James Beeks, a 49-year-old actor from Florida, was identified by investigators based in part on Instagram photos from April 2020 showing him wearing a jacket from the King of Pop's BAD World Tour, which began in 1987.

Beeks wore the same black jacket with "BAD" written in red when he marched with other members of the right-wing militia group from the Ellipse to the Capitol in a "stack formation" on Jan. 6, according to a criminal complaint.

"According to an online cast listing, the person who posted the photographs on Instagram is an actor in a traveling production of the play Jesus Christ Superstar. Beeks, under the stage name 'James T. Justis,' is also an actor in that same production," the complaint states. "Beeks has an additional connection to Michael Jackson: According to his LinkedIn profile and YouTube page, Beeks regularly performs as a Michael Jackson impersonator. His YouTube page, under the name James Delisco Beeks with a username of 'jdmoonwalker,' describes him as 'one of the Top Michael Jackson Tribute artists in the US.'"

The complaint goes on to say that law enforcement officers observed Beeks performing in a traveling production of Jesus Christ Superstar earlier this month, in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beeks was arrested Tuesday in Milwaukee, where the production is being staged this week, according to a news release from the Department of Justice.

According to a 2019 report from AM FM Magazine, as well as the production's Facebook page, Beeks plays the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Beeks was part of the Oath Keepers' "Stack One," which joined a mob of people who attacked police officers guarding the rotunda doors near the top of the east steps, according to the DOJ.

"At 2:38 pm., the doors were breached, and the group stormed into the Capitol. Once inside the Capitol, the group split up. Half of them, including Beeks, tried to push their way through a line of law enforcement officers guarding a hallway that led to the Senate chamber," the release states. "Prior to the confrontation, Beeks joined with a group of Oath Keepers while walking from the Ellipse to the Capitol. Unlike the camouflage-combat attire of many individuals in the group, he was wearing a Michael Jackson 'BAD' world tour jacket and a black helmet, and he was carrying what appeared to be a homemade black shield."

Beeks is charged with obstruction of Congress, a felony, and a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds. He was released from custody Tuesday pending further court proceedings.