MAGA-rioting Proud Boy arrested after being ratted out by one of his own

A member of the Proud Boys has been arrested after being identified by a fellow member of the group last year.

In a newly unsealed criminal complaint, Proud Boy Alan Fischer is accused of being part of the mob at the Capitol that tried breaking through the tunnel for several hours during the siege.

"Fischer joined a group of rioters who collectively pushed against the officers – at times rocking together in a coordinated fashion – in an effort to breach the line of officers and gain entry to the interior of the Capitol building" the criminal complaint filed against Fischer states.

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Additionally, the complaint gives details into how he was identified, including information given to officials by a fellow Proud Boy.

"In August 2021, the FBI interviewed an individual referred to herein as the Witness," the complaint states. "The Witness knows Fischer from Proud Boy events in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area. The Witness was shown photographs of the individual identified herein as FISCHER. The Witness identified the individual depicted in these photographs as “AJ,” which is Fischer's nickname."

Fischer faces charges of attempting to obstruct law enforcement officials from carrying out their duties, of assaulting officers, of unlawfully entering the Capitol building, and of obstructing an official act of Congress.

Read the full indictment here (PDF).

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