Capitol rioter's attorney goes off on Trump for 'letting the dummies take the hit' while he went golfing at Mar-a-Lago
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After earlier comparing former president Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, the attorney for one of the Capitol rioters went on a rant at the end of an interview with CNN host John Berman in which he railed at Trump for sending "dummies" to do his dirty work in an effort to void the 2020 presidential election.

After his client, Anthony Antonio, carefully parsed his words in an effort to apologize for his actions -- while at the same time admitting he went to Washington, D.C., on Jan 6th because the then-president was calling for people to show up -- Antonio's lawyer, Joseph Hurley went on an extended attack on Trump.

Asked if Trump should be held accountable for the Jan 6th insurrection, Antonio conceded, "I have my day in court and do I think he's held responsible for this? I think he should be held responsible -- we're all responsible for our own actions, and I do think he should be held responsible," before adding, "I trust our legal system to do what they see fit when it comes to his actions that day."

Turning to the attorney, Berman asked, "Counselor, what do you think of that? Should the former president be held to account for what happened?"

"Are you asking me? There ain't no doubt about it, and I'm sitting here just with Anthony, why won't you just say yes or no?" he asked his client.

"He is such a person that doesn't hurt people that he's -- he can't come out of himself to criticize and that's the only reason I represented him because the rest of them are criminals, and they are where they should be and there will be more joining them," Hurley exclaimed. "So absolutely, 100 percent, but as all cowards do, we've got our bone spurs, stay down in Mar-a-Lago, play a few rounds of golf, let everyone else take the hit and the dummies take the hit. That's what's totally inexplicable; they take the hit and keep following along until they get chopped down one by one, and there's none left. Thank God whenever that ends."

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