Capitol riot committee may now seek referrals on financial crimes after 'following the money': CNN report

According to a report from CNN, the House select committee investigating the Jan 6th riot that sent lawmakers fleeing for their lives is looking at more than Donald Trump's possible involvement in plotting the insurrection, but also if there were any financial shenanigans tied to the "Save America" rally and march on the Capitol that followed.

CNN is reporting that the committee has designated five different investigative teams -- each identified by a color -- with "red" 'blue" and "gold" teams "...examining everything from the motivation of participants, whether there was coordination between groups, and whether Trump used his executive authority to pressure lawmakers, former Vice President Mike Pence and the Justice Department."

Then there is the "green" team doing a deep dive into the financial aspects of the insurrection.

According to CNN's report, the green team of investigators is "...tasked with tracking money, including the funding behind the rallies, as well as untangling the complex web of financial ties between rally organizers and entities affiliated with former President Donald Trump or his campaign."

As CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen explained, the money trail could well prove to be the most important part of the investigation that could open doors from the other investigators.

"As Rep. Liz Cheney said the other night, it's very likely that Trump was personally involved in the planning and execution of January 6 and these money trails can help adduce additional proof of that," Eisen stated. "They are one of the most valuable avenues of investigation."

What should be concerning to the rally organizers was the hiring of attorney Amanda Wick.

With CNN noting Wick is a "seasoned attorney and investigator who specializes in financial cases," Eisen praised her hiring stating, "By reputation, Wick is an outstanding and very experienced litigator who understands financial evidence and the investigative pathways," and then "noting she has previously worked on asset forfeiture issues and was a long-time trial attorney at DOJ."

"Wick's hiring is a sign the committee is looking deeply at the financial issues, he told CNN. It also raises the question of whether the panel may ultimately make referrals on financial crimes if warranted, Eisen said," the CNN report adds.

House Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD) -- who sits on the committee --backed up the importance of following the money.

"There was a lot of money raised and a lot of money given, millions of dollars ... to pay for the buses and the hotels and the meals and the accommodation," Raskin told CNN "A lot of the staffing of it came from people who used to work for Donald Trump on his campaign and then just went over to work on the rally stuff, so we're gonna get to the bottom of that stuff."

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