Former Arizona Oath Keeper at the center of Capitol riot conspiracy theories will speak to Jan 6 committee

Ray Epps, who was seen in video taken on Jan. 6 just before the Capitol riot encouraging "Stop the Steal" rally attendees to march to the Capitol and breach the building, will sit for a transcribed interview with the House Select Committee investigating the riot, POLITICO reports.

Epps has been at the center of speculation from pro-Trump figures who say, without concrete proof, that he was an FBI plant who was trying to carry out an entrapment scheme. In November, Epps met with the committee and told them he had no connection with the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.

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Epps did not appear to join in the violence and his lawyer claims he was never in the Capitol building.

"Part of the theory promoted by Trump supporters is based on the FBI’s decision to remove Epps’ face from a Jan. 6 suspect list six months after the attack," reports POLITICO's Kyle Cheney. "The list contains images and videos of rioters who were caught on camera in the crowd but who have not been identified or tracked by the bureau."

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