Colorado secretary of state sues to stop MAGA clerk from overseeing 2022 election
Tina Peters. (Facebook)

Pro-Trump Colorado county clerk Tina Peters is reportedly being probed by a grand jury for potentially tampering in Mesa County elections, and now Colorado's secretary of state is now suing to stop her from overseeing the 2022 elections.

The Denver Post reports that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold last week gave Peters an ultimatum that would have allowed her to oversee the 2022 elections, but Peters refused to comply.

"Griswold... said Peters... could return to her duties only if she agreed to certify documents with new election security protocols that would have restricted her authority and required her to repudiate a statement she made about getting 'those machines so that they are transparent to the people and they are not able to do what they’re designed to do,'" reports the paper.

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Peters's statement about "those machines" refers to conspiracy theories spread by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell about Dominion Voting Systems machines supposedly rigging the 2020 election for President Joe Biden.

Peters was barred from overseeing last fall's elections, and last November the FBI raided her house as part of a probe into whether Peters violated any election laws.