Capitol riot committee subpoenas 6 more Trump allies -- including John Eastman and Mike Flynn
CBS Denver/screen grab

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th riot at the United States Capitol building has sent out subpoenas to six additional allies of former President Donald Trump.

According to Reuters reporter Jan Wolfe, the committee has subpoenaed attorney John Eastman, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, longtime Rudy Giuliani ally Bernie Kerik, and former Trump campaign officials Jason Miller, Bill Stepien, and Angela McCallum.

Eastman is the most notable name on the list, as he was the one who drafted proposals for Vice President Mike Pence to reject states' certified election totals and then send the results back to Republican-run state legislatures.

In fact, as the committee notes, Eastman told Republican state legislatures in the days leading up to January 6th that it is "the duty of the legislatures to fix this, this egregious conduct, and make sure that we're not putting in the White House some guy that didn't get elected."

As for Flynn, the committee says that it subpoenaing him for his participation in "a December 18th, 2020 meeting in the Oval Office during which participants discussed seizing voting machines, declaring a national emergency, invoking certain national security emergency powers, and continuing to spread the false message that the November 2020 election had been tainted by widespread fraud."

Read the full press release here.