Young MAGA rioter who bragged about being a 'stormtrooper' at Capitol pleads guilty

A Georgia man who at 20 years old was among the youngest rioters at the January 6 insurrection has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of illegally demonstrating at the U.S. Capitol.

Nolan Harold Kidd of Crawford, GA, had been charged along with Savannah Danielle McDonald with the help of online posts in which the two boasted about their part in the riot. McDonald, 21, of Elberton GA, pleaded guilty January 19.

“Prosecutors said the two posted photos of their exploits on social media soon after returning from the riot,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

“Just made it home,” Kidd allegedly wrote on Facebook, “I have tons of photos and videos to share with you guys.

The AJC's report continued:

“The post, included in court records, ended with a smiling emoji surrounded by hearts. Below the message, Kidd allegedly posted smiling photos of himself with McDonald at several locations inside the Capitol. McDonald told a film crew outside the Capitol that she was 'tear-gassed three times.' In a group chat on the app Snapchat, Kidd allegedly wrote, 'Me and Savannah are (expletive) STORMTROOPERS.'"

McDonald and Kidd claimed to investigators that they had not broken into the Capitol. Here’s how the FBI reported it:

“McDonald stated that she and Kidd marched to the U.S. Capitol, and when they reached the U.S. Capitol, there were uniformed police officers near the doors telling them to come inside and showing them where to go.

“On January 15, 2021, FBI agents separately interviewed Kidd (and he) told the agents that the doors to the U.S. Capitol were wide open.”

Based upon Journal-Constitution reporting, Kidd was less self-confident at his video conference plea hearing from Georgia:

“Kidd sounded unsure and even confused when answering U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper’s questions, including whether he was pleading guilty.

“How do you plead?” Cooper asked.

“Uh?” Kidd responded.

“Do you plead guilty?” the judge repeated.

“Oh! Yeah,” Kidd replied. “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand.”

McDonald is scheduled to be sentenced in April and Kidd in May.