MAGA-rioting elementary school teacher pleads guilty after her husband lied to the FBI about her entering Capitol

A Missouri couple who had boasted on Facebook of being "the first ones in" to the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has plead guilty to remaining unlawfully in the building they told FBI agents they hadn't entered.

Kelsey Leigh Ann Wilson -- then a first-grade teacher -- and her husband Zachary Wilson entered their guilty pleas Monday and await December 7 sentencing. Zachary Wilson had been arrested in February, but Kelsey Wilson hadn't been booked until six months later.

Here's how it was reported at the Kansas City Star:

FBI investigators interviewed Kelsey and Zachary Wilson on Jan. 18 at their home in Springfield, the documents said. During the interview, both said they had been on the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6 but denied entering the building.

An FBI agent interviewed Zachary Wilson a second time at his home on Jan. 20, according to the documents. Zachary Wilson then admitted entering the Capitol building but said his wife did not go inside.

But a coworker of Kelsey Wilson who accompanied them to Washington D.C. was interviewed by FBI agents and said the two had gone into the Capitol for 30 minutes. She shared a photo of Kelsey Wilson "wearing a black, white and gold beanie, white pants, a gray long-sleeved shirt and a 'Keep America Great Again' pro-Trump flag wrapped around her body," the FBI reported.

It was Kelsey Wilson's position as a first-grade teacher that had drawn the most attention when she arrested. At the time, the attorney said she expected to lose her new job at Dayspring Christian School in Springfield, Missouri. She was put on administrative leave and, as of Tuesday, the school told reporters she was no longer employed there.