'If we can't get to the bottom of Jan 6th, then Congress is useless': CNN's David Gregory
Capitol rioters and Donald Trump. (AFP/CNN screenshot)

Discussing Donald Trump's latest legal maneuver designed to keep congressional investigators looking at the Jan 6th insurrection from accessing information from the National Archives about his administration, CNN analyst David Gregory expressed exasperation with the proceedings so far as the ex-president keeps using delaying tactics.

Speaking with "New Day" host Brianna Keilar, Gregory said Trump seems to be able to find an endless supply of lawyers who will file his lawsuits despite a history of having them thrown out.

Having said that, the longtime political observer worried that Trump will run out the clock, leaving a blueprint for others to derail all congressional investigations.

With host Keilar saying it would be "weird" if the current White House helped Trump hide critical information from the committee, Gregory explained what is at stake.

"This is also a defense of a free and fair election, a defense of our democratic system," he explained. "This was so beyond the pale. The fact that Trump is doing what he does, which is to attack the committee, which is a bipartisan committee that has Republicans and that has to have the importance, the political importance."

"Because if we can't get to the bottom of what happened January 6th, then Congress is useless," he continued. "We don't have an ability for one branch to investigate the other. This was an abuse of power just based on everything we know now, based on what the president said out loud in front of god and everybody. So once you have added layers of conversations he was having, it'll become even clearer. And, again, we have plenty of clarity already."

Watch below:

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