Judges are being shown 'grisly' videos of MAGA mob dragging Capitol cops that have yet to be seen by public

One of the most serious cases of violence against Capitol Police officers during the January 6th MAGA riots has flown mostly under the radar -- and it reportedly involves "grisly" footage that has never been seen by the public or the media.

CNN reports that body camera videos from officers who were beaten and dragged by Trump supporters during the riots at the United States Capitol building are being used by prosecutors to argue that at least five accused rioters should not be released ahead of their trials.

"In several court hearings in recent weeks, prosecutors have rolled out as at least four video clips, with most taken from the police officers' body camera footage, to convince judges... of the severity of the danger," reports CNN. "As each of the defendants have been processed, some of the videos have been shown multiple times, to different judges, or to highlight the actions of each defendant."

Federal judge Emmet Sullivan, one of the judges who viewed the footage in court this week, remarked during a hearing that "every time I look at these videos, it just chokes me up."

The footage in the videos depicts two unidentified officers trying to help a Trump supporter at the Capitol who had fallen to the ground and was being trampled by other rioters.

The footage shows that one officer "lay on his stomach, surrounded, as... rioters beat him with an upside-down American flag on a flagpole and other objects," writes CNN.

A second officer, meanwhile, was dragged into the crowd "where rioters took his helmet, cell phone and gas mask and began beating him."

Read CNN's full report on the never-before-seen footage here.