Capitol rioter bragged he talked his way out of getting arrested – then the FBI took him into custody
(DOJ Photo)

A Texas man who posted “No bro talked my way out” when asked online if he was arrested after the January 6 Capitol riot was indeed charged last week by the FBI.

John Franklin Lammons was arrested in his hometown of Galveston, TX, where he owns a jiu jitsu training center and an adjacent business called the “Rage Cage.” Lammons faces charges of illegal entry, disruptive and disorderly conduct and parading in the Capitol.

Lammons was identified initially in a WhatsApp chat group in which he participated on January 6, according to an FBI criminal complaint. In it, “Lammons states “we honestly wanted to just get inside and see what they were saying after we left some idiots came in and did some stupid things, but the first group was totally professional,” the complaint states.

“A screen shot that had a post from an unknown individual asking if Lammons got arrested. Lammons posted the response “No bro talked my way out” and “Kept others from getting beat up and going to.”

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The FBI statement of facts also described this unusual encounter:

“Lammons saw young individuals yelling at the cops when Lammons got between the cops and the people yelling. Lammons yelled at the people that this is not our problem here and Lammons was trying to push the people back. Lammons saw something thrown at the cops from the crowd. One officer charged and the other officers followed going past Lammons to the instigators. An officer had an older man on the ground that did not look well to Lammons. Lammons told the officer to let Lammons have him and Lammons will take care of him. The officer said to Lammons that if I let you take him, will you get your people to leave. Lammons agreed and moved the man to a safe area. Lammons went back to the confrontation still going on and the same officer said to Lammons, “you agreed to get your people to leave.” Lammons told the officer that the instigators were not his people, and he was not with them.”

The website for Anaconda Jiu-Jitsu indicates Lammons founded the business in 2012 and describes him as “a lifelong student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.” An adjacent business at the location called the Rage Cage offers patrons an opportunity “to come and bring our sh*t.” and this: “Life got you tired? Work got you stressed? At the Rage Cage where unleashing your frustrations is what we do! Filled to the brim with activities such as Axe Throwing, Sumo Suit Wrestling, Break Room, and Shooting Range - we can fit you in to rage away. While you’re here, kick back and enjoy our arcade and beer and wine bar and don’t worry about the mess left behind - we’ll cover the cleanup.”

You can read the FBI statement of facts here.

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