'Irate' judge yells at MAGA rioter's lawyer after he whines to court about making his client wear a mask: report
Dan Goodwyn aka "sfthoughtcriminal" during Capitol attack (Photo: FBI indictment)

The defense attorney representing accused MAGA rioter Dan Goodwyn told a court on Friday that his client must not be forced to wear a face mask while in court -- and got promptly yelled at by the judge overseeing the case.

NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane reports that the lawyer representing Goodwyn began Friday's virtual hearing by making the case that his client shouldn't have to wear a mask when he makes a physical appearance in court.

"Goodwyn cannot wear a mask... and is not into vaccines," the attorney said, according to MacFarlane.

The lawyer would add that wearing a mask was "like torture" to Goodwyn.

The judge, however, was not having it, and MacFarlane says he became "irate" and started shouting at the lawyer.

"We have a pandemic!" he yelled.

The defense lawyer continued to make his case that Goodwyn must not be forced to wear a mask, at which point the judge threatened to hold him in contempt of court.

A few minutes later, the defense attorney complained about pre-trial services workers being "arrogant" and "prissy" toward his client, which caused the judge to start "screaming" at him, MacFarlane writes.

"This is the angriest I've heard any judge in any Jan 6 case so far," MacFarlane comments on Twitter. "Easily."

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