MAGA rioter who proclaimed 'this is war' tells court she only invaded the Capitol because 'curiosity got the better of her'
Imelda Acosta, a.k.a. Mariposa Castro (Screengrab).

On Thursday, CBS News' Scott MacFarlane flagged a typo-filled court filing from California defendant Imelda Acosta, whose counsel is arguing to the court that she was at the incident to live-stream what was happening — and only entered the building out of "curiosity."

"Ms. Acosta live streamed what she saw at the Capital [sic] so that others who followed her on Facebook could see from her vantage point, without any 'biased' commentary from news networks, what was occurring," said the filing. "When a window on the lower west side was broken, and a woman over a bullhorn encouraged people to enter, again her curiosity got the better of her. She was lifted up by others and entered this portion of the Capital [sic], a small antechamber room. She stayed inside less than one or two minutes and then left. That was the extent of her 'entry' into any portion of the Capital [sic] building."

Acosta, a yoga instructor from Gilroy who goes by the name Mariposa Castro on social media, proclaimed "this is war" on her stream of the event. She has previously claimed she has been a fan of Trump ever since he almost hit her with a golf ball when they were on the same golf course.

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As of this week, over 750 people have been charged for the attack on the Capitol. Most face minor charges like unlawful parading or entering a restricted area, but a handful are accused of assaulting Capitol Police, and high-level members of the paramilitary group the Oath Keepers are charged with seditious conspiracy.

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