Judge scolds MAGA rioter's lawyer for spreading bogus claims that January 6th was an FBI false flag operation

United States District Court Judge Thomas Hogan on Monday admonished an attorney representing accused MAGA rioter Ryan Nichols for spreading false information about the FBI being behind the unrest that occurred at the United States Capitol on January 6th.

As reported by Politico's Kyle Cheney, Judge Hogan warned attorney Joseph McBride against peddling false claims about January 6th being a "false flag" operation in his court.

"We’re getting a false narrative being produced that’s not appropriate to be relied upon," Hogan told McBride. "I’m not going to rely on anything about that in this case."

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McBride earlier this year went on Tucker Carlson's show and falsely claimed that a man wearing red face paint spotted at the Capitol riots was clearly a government official who deliberately stoked violence to entrap Trump supporters.

"He is clearly a law enforcement officer," McBride claimed.

In reality, as Huffington Post reported, the man in question is actually a big fan of Tucker Carlson.

"He is mainly known to St. Louis Cardinals fans as 'Rally Runner,' HuffPost has learned, and he sprints around the outside of Busch Stadium during home games," the publication wrote earlier this month. "Based on the man’s Facebook posts, he appears to have a fairly difficult life and has a tenuous relationship with reality. And he’s a huge Tucker Carlson fan."