QAnon cultists are now drinking bleach compound from communal bowl: 'Immediately evokes images of Jonestown'

QAnon cultists gathered in Dallas have started drinking an industrial disinfectant mixed into a chemical cocktail.

Family members of a Delaware woman who left her husband and children to await John F. Kennedy's return have confirmed that she's drinking the chemical mixture containing chlorine dioxide from a communal bowl, in a rite that cult researchers find extremely alarming, reported the Dallas Observer.

"This feels like a progression," said Mike Rothschild, author of the book The Storm is Upon Us that examines the QAnon movement. "It immediately evokes images of Jonestown and Heaven's Gate."

The woman's family said she has personally mixed up the cocktail and distributed it to group members.

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"She was proud to tell us that she was the one mixing it up and giving it to everybody," one relative said.

Chlorine dioxide, which is similar to bleach, is dangerous to ingest in large quantities, and Food and Drug Administration issued a warning just weeks into the pandemic warning against the chemical's use to treat the coronavirus, but some conspiracy theorists continue to sell the product as a cure for COVID-19.

"A group of people in a cult drinking a communal substance is definitely not something to mess around with and is extremely concerning," Rothschild said.

It's not clear why the group started drinking the cocktail, and group leader Michael Brian Protzman could not be reached for comment.